Sunday, 10 August 2014

Perfume Collection - Favourites

Hi there! Long time no blog...

Don't hate me. I have phases with things, and apparently my blogging phase had faded. However, I started going through Zoe's (Zoella) blog and I remembered that I also run a blog. Good one, dummy.

So here it is. My perfume collection.

Mind you, this is only half of it, because I have a whole bunch of others I just never wear anymore or liked when I bought and then put away because I realised I actually disliked the scent (why do I do this?).

Lets start from the front row.

This is my holy trinity.

Lady Million: This is a sweet and fresh daytime smell that is so unique I've never smelt one like it, even though that tends to be the case with most perfumes. This is one I pretty much wear on a daily basis in the mornings and afternoons, as it is a really fresh and really nice scent for daytime, but can be doubled up as a nighttime perfume.

Katy Perry - Killer Queen: Now this one may be bit of a controversial one because it's a) a celebrity perfume or b) it's very sweet. Personally, I love love love this one. There's something about the candy-smelling sweetness that makes it one of my favourites. This one I wear randomly whenever I want to, but it's very sweet so I have to be careful not to spray too much. It's so nice, though. Definitely one of my favourites.

Gucci Guilty: This is the most unique smelling perfume ever. It's perfect for nighttime and really good for dates or if you're just going out on a girl's night out. It's sweet but it's also very classy and kind of spells a tad spicy? (I'm so good at scent descriptions). I really don't know the notes of this perfume but it's very unique and I definitely recommend you go sniff this one out.

These are my sweeties

Beyonce - Heat Rush: Even though this one can smell a tiny bit fresh, it's mostly quite fruity and really summery. I have trouble wearing this one during the winter, but it's still so nice and I definitely would give this one a chance.

Victoria's Secret - Amber Romance: This came in a set along with the one next to it. It's a very overpoweringly sweet smell, but I like putting this in my purse because it's really compact or just spraying it when I'm at home (I like smelling nice at all times). 

Victoria's Secret - Pure Seduction: If I could afford to buy the whole VS line in this scent, I would. My goodness it's so so so so so nice! It's floral and sweet and so so nice. It's really fresh, too, and I love putting this on if I'm having a pamper night and I just come out of the shower because it makes me feel very girly. Thank you Elle for this one! (AllThatGlitters21)

Victoria's Secret - Incredible: A while ago I had bought this huge set of baby perfumes and this was one of my favourites. This one is also very sweet as a lot of VS scents tend to be, but it's also quite fresh and I like spraying this around my room, hehe. It was on sale when I went to Dubai, which is when I bought it and I really like it. 

Sophisticated Trinity

Armani Code: This is a perfume that comes with many memories, and it reminds me of my aunt because she still uses it. I bought it for more of a sentimental reason than a utilitarian one because I overused it years ago so I've gone off the smell a bit but it's still really nice. It's definitely a fresh and sophisticated smell, hence the caption, and I think a lot of older women would enjoy this one, as it's also my mum's and aunt's favourite.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs: Marc Jacobs has a lot of daisy ones, but this is (obviously) the pale pink one. It's also more fresh than his black and white one. My mum has the black one and it's much sweeter than this one is. Even though you can smell the hints of the previous versions, you can also see how much stronger this one is. If you like the Daisy line, I'd recommend giving this a whiff to see if you like it (I know a lot of people who do). I love using this one on nights where I feel like one classy gal. This is actually my favourite springtime smell :)

Balenciaga - Florabotanica: Not going to lie, the main reason I bought this one (actually I made my dad buy it for me) is because Kristen Stewart was the face for this perfume. Yep. I love me some Kristen. The smell is very classic and it could be a really nice signature perfume for someone. I feel like people who'd like Chanel No.5 would maybe like this one? Kind of smells a tad like baby it just me? But I loved this during the winter time. Smells quite whimsical. 

That's it!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know if you want to see my unused perfumes, too, because there's almost as many of those as there are used ones, haha. Until next time!


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