Sunday, 10 August 2014

Huge Organic Store Haul!

Yep...I've done it again. I've stocked up on a crap load of goodies and I want to share them with you in case you may be interested in trying these out.

You can kind of tell what these things are because they're all on the labels, haha. This post was in my drafts for months and I never posted (?????)

If you guys want a food review on any of these or the names or anything let me know in the comments!

Perfume Collection - Favourites

Hi there! Long time no blog...

Don't hate me. I have phases with things, and apparently my blogging phase had faded. However, I started going through Zoe's (Zoella) blog and I remembered that I also run a blog. Good one, dummy.

So here it is. My perfume collection.

Mind you, this is only half of it, because I have a whole bunch of others I just never wear anymore or liked when I bought and then put away because I realised I actually disliked the scent (why do I do this?).

Lets start from the front row.

This is my holy trinity.

Lady Million: This is a sweet and fresh daytime smell that is so unique I've never smelt one like it, even though that tends to be the case with most perfumes. This is one I pretty much wear on a daily basis in the mornings and afternoons, as it is a really fresh and really nice scent for daytime, but can be doubled up as a nighttime perfume.

Katy Perry - Killer Queen: Now this one may be bit of a controversial one because it's a) a celebrity perfume or b) it's very sweet. Personally, I love love love this one. There's something about the candy-smelling sweetness that makes it one of my favourites. This one I wear randomly whenever I want to, but it's very sweet so I have to be careful not to spray too much. It's so nice, though. Definitely one of my favourites.

Gucci Guilty: This is the most unique smelling perfume ever. It's perfect for nighttime and really good for dates or if you're just going out on a girl's night out. It's sweet but it's also very classy and kind of spells a tad spicy? (I'm so good at scent descriptions). I really don't know the notes of this perfume but it's very unique and I definitely recommend you go sniff this one out.

These are my sweeties

Beyonce - Heat Rush: Even though this one can smell a tiny bit fresh, it's mostly quite fruity and really summery. I have trouble wearing this one during the winter, but it's still so nice and I definitely would give this one a chance.

Victoria's Secret - Amber Romance: This came in a set along with the one next to it. It's a very overpoweringly sweet smell, but I like putting this in my purse because it's really compact or just spraying it when I'm at home (I like smelling nice at all times). 

Victoria's Secret - Pure Seduction: If I could afford to buy the whole VS line in this scent, I would. My goodness it's so so so so so nice! It's floral and sweet and so so nice. It's really fresh, too, and I love putting this on if I'm having a pamper night and I just come out of the shower because it makes me feel very girly. Thank you Elle for this one! (AllThatGlitters21)

Victoria's Secret - Incredible: A while ago I had bought this huge set of baby perfumes and this was one of my favourites. This one is also very sweet as a lot of VS scents tend to be, but it's also quite fresh and I like spraying this around my room, hehe. It was on sale when I went to Dubai, which is when I bought it and I really like it. 

Sophisticated Trinity

Armani Code: This is a perfume that comes with many memories, and it reminds me of my aunt because she still uses it. I bought it for more of a sentimental reason than a utilitarian one because I overused it years ago so I've gone off the smell a bit but it's still really nice. It's definitely a fresh and sophisticated smell, hence the caption, and I think a lot of older women would enjoy this one, as it's also my mum's and aunt's favourite.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs: Marc Jacobs has a lot of daisy ones, but this is (obviously) the pale pink one. It's also more fresh than his black and white one. My mum has the black one and it's much sweeter than this one is. Even though you can smell the hints of the previous versions, you can also see how much stronger this one is. If you like the Daisy line, I'd recommend giving this a whiff to see if you like it (I know a lot of people who do). I love using this one on nights where I feel like one classy gal. This is actually my favourite springtime smell :)

Balenciaga - Florabotanica: Not going to lie, the main reason I bought this one (actually I made my dad buy it for me) is because Kristen Stewart was the face for this perfume. Yep. I love me some Kristen. The smell is very classic and it could be a really nice signature perfume for someone. I feel like people who'd like Chanel No.5 would maybe like this one? Kind of smells a tad like baby it just me? But I loved this during the winter time. Smells quite whimsical. 

That's it!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know if you want to see my unused perfumes, too, because there's almost as many of those as there are used ones, haha. Until next time!


Thursday, 29 May 2014

Olivolio 24 Hours Ultra Rich Face Cream - Review it is.

Unfortunately, I threw away the box ages ago because this product has literally lasted me for months even though I use it every single day, which is honestly very impressive to me.

I bought it at a local pharmacy, and I don't think it was too pricey considering this was 16 euros, whereas the new moisturiser I got was over twice the price. Here's a link to where you can buy it online.

I haven't used too many varying moisturisers, so I don't know if I'm really able to judge this product properly, considering the only other moisturiser I used was this blue clean & clear one. I can, however, definitely say that this was better than the clean & clear.

It really did work. I have very dry skin that feels like it's going to crack if I don't apply any moisturiser, so having this to help (especially after showers, which is when I use my scrub) was a godsend.

The only problem I found was that it takes a tiny bit of time so set in, so I think that if you're in a hurry and need to apply your foundation literally a millisecond after your moisturiser, maybe avoid getting the Olivolio one.

Overall, I do recommend this if you have dry skin. It was a lifesaver in the winter and definitely followed the 24 hour moisturising promise.

I bought a new one from Biotherm which is a hydrating gel for normal skin, and it has a much lighter consistency and absorbed immediately when I applied it, so after I use it for a bit, I'll do a review on that as well.

Until next time!

P.S. post some of your recommendations for moisturisers below!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

New Organic Store Finds - Mini haul.

So I paid a little visit to my beloved grocery store again, and I picked up some stuff - some mundane, a couple not - so I thought I'd share them with you!

For the mundane ones, I got some brown rice pasta, quinoa, a banana bread nakd bar and some organic salt & vinegar chips, but they're safely tucked away for now so I don't have a picture.

But I found two new bars that I hadn't seen in my store before, and these are it:

  • Lifebar - chocolate + green protein
  • Roo'bar - chia and coconut

Can we just comment on how exciting they sound? You're already getting the nutrients from the chocolate and the nuts in the lifebar but green proteins on top of that?! It tastes just like the normal chocolate and nuts bar that they have and it is    d e l i c i o u s ! Definitely recommend it!

Now the Roo'bar is something very new because I hadn't even seen the brand before, but I was really interested because it said chia (a little obsessed at the moment - I add it to almost every thing I eat!) I checked the contents, and literally the only things in it are: dates, dried coconut, chia seeds and lemon oil. How insane is that?! It reminded me of when I read the contents of things like snickers and I'd see things I didn't even know how to pronounce. So glad I don't eat that crap anymore! I haven't actually tasted this one yet but I'm currently munching on the lifebar so I'll maybe give you guys an update on this very post when I actually eat it.

(Update: guys that Roo'bar is the best thing ever. Lemon and coconut may be my favourite combination. TRY IT!)

So that's all for my very short and random haul. You guys neeeed to try the lifebars. They're so delicious it's actually ridiculous.

Until next time!

Monday, 12 May 2014

Little Update

Sorry about being absent for so long, but I had coursework and was super busy.
Here is a little update for you guys. I visited the organic store a couple of hours ago, and this is what I picked up:

  • Almond milk
  • Chia seeds
  • Nakd bar (apple)
  • Nakd bar (cocoa)

More posts coming soon, I promise. 

By the way, you guys should definitely pick these things up too. Replace regular milk with almond milk, add chia seeds to just about anything (they don't have much of a taste but are literally packed with nutrients) and nakd bars are just healthy ingredients smashed together and taste pretty good. Plus, you can take them on the go with you so you don't snack on unhealthy things. 

- M

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Small steps to a healthier lifestyle.

Everyone has, at least once in their life, wished to change their lifestyle a little bit. In the majority of cases, this has been to lead a generally healthier lifestyle.

Of course, the reason people want to lead a healthier lifestyle is not always to be 'healthy,' per se, but to lose weight. It's understandable due to the pressure that the media, and unfortunately our society, puts on weight and body images.

Many have trouble with really changing the kind of life that they have led for a long time, and therefore need to be eased into it.

I was one of these people. I had fast food on a regular weekly basis (sometimes more than once per week) and I led a very sedentary lifestyle, which led to slight health issues as well as generally being unfit and feeling bad about my ever-increasing weight.

So, after looking through the 'fitspo' tag on tumblr - not thinspo, thinspo is not a road you want to take to be healthy - I decided to change my lifestyle.

Of course, I messed up a lot in the beginning, but it's been four/five months that i've really implemented a better diet and exercise and I can already see the difference.

So, without further ado, here are some tips for you to begin this slow but rewarding change:


  1. Don't try to completely eliminate junk food out of your diet. Although it's not good for you, the more you try the restrict yourself, the less likely you are to actually enjoy the process and keep up with it. Don't constrain yourself too much - you'll want to rebel. 
  2. Allow yourself a cheat meal a couple of times a week and/or a cheat snack every one/two days. This will ensure that you still eat what you like without too much guilt.
  3. Try to visit a local organic store to stock up on snacks. However, it is slightly pricier than regular groceries, so what I recommend is the following. Buy some snacks. Buy some organic snacks. Start off with snacks, so that even when you're having your 'cheat' and 'guilty' foods, they're the healthy kind. I'm not trying to contradict my previous statement, but it is quite easy to find some really great snacks that suit your sweet tooth but are also good for you. Here are some from my local grocery store that taste good and have no added flavours, just healthy ingredients squished together!
  4. If organic foods are out of your range, try to go to a regular grocery store and stock up on fruits and veggies instead. This will ensure that you still get to eat sweet/salty foods whilst giving yourself some nutrition at the same time. 
  5. If you're completely addicted to chocolate, try buying dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is actually quite healthy and beneficial, so both your craving and body could benefit from it.
  6. If you want to dip your veggies in something, try hummus. Hummus is quite healthy, as is peanut butter (given it's not filled with too many things to improve the flavour). Peanut butter is high in protein, which is essential to good nutrition, as it also helps to lose weight. Having it as a pre-workout snack along with a banana and maybe some whole wheat bread is a great way to give you energy without overeating. Also, it's a great breakfast option.
  7. Protein. Protein. Protein. Protein is one of the most important things you need to be eating in order to get leaner and lose weight faster (especially if you're working out, too). Chicken, fish and spinach are just some basic foods that contain protein (a simple google search will help you find them) given you don't drown your chicken in sunflower oil. A small amount of olive oil, some salt, pepper should be enough. Throw your (preferably brined for an hour) chicken into the oven, and you've got a delicious meal that you could eat along with some steamed veggies (steaming is the healthiest option).
  8. Try to drink water every morning with a slice of lemon. It helps detox your body and helps with bloating. For this purpose, also try green and peppermint teas. Generally, teas will be your best friend during weight loss (try not to add too much sugar and milk)


This part can be a bit trickier if you previously led a very sedentary life. The main thing you have to remember is to build up to it. Start by taking short walks around your neighbourhood. Once your breathing is not quite as heavy, maybe increase the time of your walks or the speed (or both!). Pushing yourself to your limits is an essential part of getting fitter - and by that I mean limits, not your breaking point. Walking is cardio, and cardio is what is used to lose as many calories as possible. Other cardio exercises are jogging, running, bicycle riding, rollerskating, swimming and multiple equipments at the gym such as the treadmill and the elliptical. But hey, why pay for a membership when you could get some fresh air on the side for free?

If you are ready to move onto your toning exercises (which many people recommend to do alongside your cardio), I can recommend you two/three of my favourite youtubers who do toning AND cardio workouts:
  1. ToneItUp - Karena and Katrina are two certified nutritionists who have released workout DVDs, protein powders, bars and now vitamins. If you do a quick youtube search, you'll find their very helpful and fun workout videos. They also have a website, where you can find some meal plans, food ideas and motivation. 
  2. Blogilates - another great trainer who has tons of workout challenges (she really kicks your butt!) and she also has a website, where you can get some of her meal plans and other monthly freebies.
  3. FitnessBlender - now this is who you go to if you want to do cardio at home. They have really great workouts (including HIIT workouts which are basically high intensity cardio workouts and burn the most calories). Theirs are a bit more challenging, but who is to say you can't work yourself up to doing them?

I've previously done a post on great fitness/health apps, so make sure to check those out. Remember, don't count the calories, count the nutrition. 

Good luck!