Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Great weight loss apps!

So today kicks off the beginning to my weight loss - no more laziness!

After weeks of looking at pictures of girls with great bodies and flat stomachs, I kind of got tired and decided I wasn't going to "start tomorrow," but today.

I'm one of those people who needs things to keep me motivated, so I instantly went to my iPhone, because that's what I spend a lot of time on.

Here are some really great apps I found.

  1. MyDietDiary - this one has been a godsend. It basically lets you track your progress, your intake and how many calories burn through working out, be it jogging or simple house chores. You get to set a goal, and the app works out the amount of calories you're allowed to intake per day to reach your goal by the end. It changes according to how much weight you lose when you check in, and what your target date is. I scoured, and I mean scoured, the app store for similar apps for the country I live in, but this is the greatest one I found. 
  2. mydietcoach - now this is an app that lets you set a goal and give reminders to keep up with this goal. If you get the full version, which is only 0.89 euros, it gives you a panic button for when you have cravings, and it then gives you motivational quotes and things to make sure you don't actually eat whatever unhealthy thing you're craving. I think it's a really great concept. It comes with a lot of tips and even reminders like drinking water, preparing veggies, and also measuring your weight, looking at inspiration photos and tips for emotional//craving eating. It's really great. 
  3. blogilates - you may recognise the name because this app is owned by a very famous youtube health guru who goes by the same username. Her app basically covers your workouts and healthy, low fat food options. Even pancakes made out of eggs and bananas! It's great! I'm actually quite excited to try out some of her recipes, they look delicious for such low-everything foods. Plus, she has a line of sports clothes/gear, so that's an added bonus.
  4. moves - moves is an app that you can put in your pocket when you're walking, and it tracks the distance you've walked, the time and I think it also calculates the calories you lose as well. I know that iPhones have the nike app, but not everyone buys the shoes, so I think this is a good way of keeping track of your exercise. Plus, it really helps with your check-ins to apps like MyDietDiary.
  5. Cardio, Butt workout, Leg workout - these three apps are differentiated by the stickman figure as the icon. There's arm workout, abs and others, I believe (though these three are the ones I downloaded.) Basically it's an app with short workout videos targeting whichever one you download, and it gives you the times that you're supposed to do each one as well. I think it's pretty fantastic and convenient for on-the-go.
  6. Toneitup - the tone it up girls, much like blogilates, own a great youtube channel with over 300 workout and healthy recipe videos. They also have a few workout DVDs released and amazing meal plans that have worked miracles for some people (can't say I've tried them, but I've heard great things.) Now the app is basically instagram for working out. You can share pictures, get some inspiration and then set a reminder for when you work out. They also give you daily workout routines to follow and some really healthy recipes.

So this was my personal list of really great apps. Any other suggestions? Do share! 
I may start posting my own recipes and things in the near future. Hopefully I actually keep up with the diet this time!

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