Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure hair therapy - Moisture kick spray conditioner review!

So...where do I start?

The first thing that I need to mention is that I wasn't sent this product. My mum has a really good habit of discovering good hair softening/repairing products at the hairdresser every time she goes, and she discovered this one on one of her visits.

I actually have oily hair. I've trained it to last for a day and a half without needing a wash but it still betrays me sometimes, and with school it's really difficult to keep it normal when the stress levels are running-hands-through-hair worthy all the time.

That being said, this product may have a different effect on those who actually HAVE normal to dry hair.

My hair is ombre (so the bottom half is absolutely dead) but this product seems to have worked wonders on it.

From what it says on the bottle, this product is supposed to be a detangler that also infuses hair with moisture - which for me means KEEP IT OUT OF YOUR ROOTS AT ALL COSTS.

It's supposed to make the hair look really healthily moisturised, shiny, bouncy and it's also supposed to repair it, basically.

Now I can never tell if products are doing anything for my hair long term because I usually just adapt and say "Oh hair's like this. It's always been like this, right?" Telling the difference in before and afters is always a challenge for me. 

With that being said, I should also mention that I don't actually use conditioner most of the time. I just use my shampoo twice because my hair gets oily easily so I feel like the first time I'm getting the gunk out and the second time I'm deep cleaning it. The moisture kick from this product is kind of a replacement from the conditioner that I don't use. (I don't use a deep conditioner either - never have)

I spray this a few times on each side after letting my hair sit in the towel for 10-15 minutes if I have time, and then give it a minute or two to soak into my hair. I detangle my hair a little with my fingers prior to spraying it in just to help it out a little as well because I have severe issues with hair fallout.

The thing that I noticed immediately with this product is that it makes my hair really, really soft. I think when I look for hair products, that's essentially the first thing that attracts me to them - and really the only thing that I look for.

I'm not sure if I'd pick this product over another one that I can do a review on, if anyone's interested (LOL let's face it, I don't have readers but I'll do it anyway.)

Overall, I just like this product because it's a good softener. Although my hair doesn't lack moisture and is definitely not dry, so maybe I'm not one to judge! Try it out if you have the right hair type - I don't think it's pricey (not where my mum gets it, anyway).

Here it is on amazon and ebay for 7.78 British pounds! 

I prefer ebay, sue me.

This blog isn't always going to be product reviews, but I might throw a few in if I think they're really good or really bad.

Any recommendations? Requests?

Let me know!


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