Monday, 29 April 2013

Think before you speak - a concept that should be more widely known

You may have guessed, but something did happen to trigger this thought.

Just how tolerant are you, currently non-existent readers, of the phrase "Stop doing that, you're pissing me off".

I suppose that depending on the tone and context, the phrase could kind-of-sort-of-maybe be harmless - but is it really?

For someone who is generally very insecure or not quite okay with themselves - perhaps if this person already thinks everyone hates them and/or is uncomfortable/terrified by the idea of annoying or bothering people - it actually means a a bad way.

See it actually really, really hurts. It's especially worse when someone close to you says it - not as a joke - and then excuses it by something questionable like "I'm tired," or "It just came out."

People are under the impression that you can't control what comes out of your mouth, but you really can. It just takes time to train yourself and making exceptions doesn't help. Like "I had to say that, it was on the tip of my tongue," or "I was mad".

No, no, no.

That's not an excuse, I'm sorry. Others have had worse days than you yet they try to keep their tongue on a leash and/or just calmly and politely say "I'm in a bit of a bad mood right now, so I'll talk to you when I'm calmer". See that way, you get what you want - which is people leaving you alone - and you also still get to keep your friends and not piss anyone off.

"Tired" has never been a good enough excuse for me. It's always possible to control yourself unless you've got a serious psychological filter deficiency which I've only seen happen in "P.S. I love you" which is a movie and it's, well...not real. (Has anyone seen that movie, by the way? It's one of my favourites!)

So anyway, sorry about the rant but I felt I would get it out.

Hopefully, it'll also be a lesson to you that snarky commentary isn't necessary - there are other ways to make people laugh without making others hate you. Besides, no one likes losing friends because they were "tired."

Bye for now~

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